Coverage 32054km
Towns Visited 353
Projects 152
Hospitality Partners 405
CSR 116500ZAR
Last Trip 17 March 2017






Schedule 2012


Year One – 2012
"Reconnaissance:  Future Foundations"


    To travel across South Africa for the purpose of connecting with communities to identify:
  • their greatest challenges and threats;
  • their greatest successes;
  • their unique opportunities and potential.
    To record this information by:
  • filming;
  • photographing;
  • writing.
    To publish this information via the following media channels:
  • Television & Video
  • Social Networking
  • Print

To evaluate this information in order to develop strategic and tactical plans to effectively address the pertinent issues raised.



Route & Team Members:

Team One (two to three individuals travelling in one vehicle) will depart from Cape Town on the final day of the annual Beach Festival and travel along the west coast to the Namibian border. Thereafter, the expedition will head northeast towards Mozambique, before finally heading southwest along the east coast back to Cape Town. The team will arrive in Cape Town on the first day of the next Beach Festival.

Tasks and Aims:

The team will visit a minimum of 200 towns in 365 days and complete tasks in each town. The expedition will be documented, filmed, photographed and televised.

    The key goals of the expedition will be to:
  • empower locals;
  • encourage entrepreneurs;
  • teach sustainability;
  • learn through experience;
  • identify talented underprivileged sportspeople and entrepreneurs.


      The team will assess the following pertinent campaign categories to create a foundation for future expeditions:

  1. Water – Remove invasive alien flora (community initiative)
  2. Food – Self-sufficiency / sustainability local cookbook (free)
  3. Environment – Home and business energy guide
    (long-term community planning)
  4. Employment – Identification of future sports stars, promising entrepreneurs, local products / items for greater distribution


Download the 2012 Itinerary here: http://www.slideshare.net/theEXPEDITIONproject/2012-itinerary

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